The Wingless Book 1

A story about fairies, far from a fairy tale…

Pinly leads a simple life as a young fairy, but that peaceful existence is thrown into chaos when his city is attacked by a silver soldier and his army.

As the world around him grapples with this frightening new reality, turmoil turns to heartache when Pinly’s brother is kidnapped, leaving him completely alone as unrest unfolds.

Left with no other options, Pinly attempts the impossible. Despite his inferior magic, he leaves the confines of his once safe city for the first time, with the determination to find his brother by any means necessary.

With hidden worlds, powerful creatures, terrifying beasts, and formidable opponents waiting at every turn, Pinly is in over his head.
Will his dogged determination be enough to secure his brother’s safe return?

Time, though short, will tell if magic and true grit are enough.


Read online Made of Magic and True Grit by Landry-Daniel Lié

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