Lost in Time Book 1

For Valerie, this won’t be a day like any other. It’s her daughter Charlotte’s sixth birthday party, but the day with her ex-husband and his new wife will be more than balloons and awkward smiles.

Strangers unexpectedly show up to the party, strangers with the same startling green eyes as Charlotte’s…But there is something familiar about them. Does Valerie know these people? Because they seem to know her… or someone she used to be.

Valerie comes to find out she is not who she thinks she is. She’s not even human. The Jatorrians are an alien race with a rapidly declining population. Valerie or Cyran, depending on which life she is known from, is one of the last pure-blooded females of the Jatorrian race. And she is being hunted.

With a simple request of “make me not exist,” she gave up her memories a decade ago and took up a new life with lost memories. Now her enemies have come for her and Charlotte, and they won’t rest until they have them.

Can Cyran retrieve her lost life and save them all? As her memories return, can she figure out her tangled feelings for a childhood friend she forced herself to forget for ten years? Can she overcome the temptations of the men around her with a power she didn’t know she possessed?

Cyran must decide what she wants and who she desires…while avoiding a life of enslavement.

A personal message from the author:

As an avid reader, with many of my favorites being in the young adult category, I was struck with the idea to create a new world for adults, based off some of the elements I loved so much in some of my favorite young adult novellas. I wanted a world that was fresh and exciting, with secrets and hidden meanings. Deep character development is heavy in my thoughts while I write, I need to love these characters for my readers to fall for them as well. I wanted a strong, real world female protagonist, and hold onto that strength while making a romance as well. With all that, I didn't want to write a YA novella, just use some of the basic features that made the genre so exciting. We've crafted a world where the protagonists thoughts are plain on her sleeve, including copious amounts of swearing and a journey where the reader gets to grow with the main character.

— Brittany Ziegler


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