Broken Book Book 1

As a young lad swiftly thrown into a world of pain not of his own making. From the very start Mardale's life is an unhinged nightmare of unyielding heartache. Saddled with caring for his baby sister while his father is on military deployment, fighting a war somewhere. Mardale is as well combatting his own long anguish battle. With the death of his infant sister Janie. His mother turns into a raving lunatic admitted into a psychiatric hospital. He has no family left, Sheriff Lou “Coach” Becker is compelled to take in the young boy. Unknown to the town citizens little Janie's death is only the beginning.

It is well said Satan has his sights set on Mardale after moving into the town of Clearmound. What follows is a series of events that will shake this quiet community to its core. With dead animals being found tortured to death in large numbers and, pillar of the community who is a hidden stealthy psychopath bent on bloodlust revenge upon Mardale. Whom the secret mysteries of these murders rest upon. An extremely graphic paranormal struggle begins of darkness and light entrapping Mardale between opposing forces.

Some chapters of “Mardale” are so intensely unsettling. It was necessary for the author to encourage people to continue reading unto the end. Relieved, “Mardale's” followers have delightfully assured the last chapter wrapped up all fears nicely.

Who can tell? Reading “Mardale” just may change your perspective concerning what the American Indians called: “The ones touched by God”.