Waves of Change

Mariner's Haven is a picturesque coastal town where the lives of its residents intertwine in a captivating tapestry. From resilient women who form the community's backbone to dreamers yearning for distant horizons, the town's heartbeat pulses with joys, sorrows, and triumphs. Against a backdrop of golden sunsets and rhythmic waves, the town's tranquil veneer conceals complex family dynamics and long-buried secrets.
In this enchanting setting, love blossoms unexpectedly, friendships face life's tempests, and the human spirit's resilience shines through adversity. Serena Bayfield's storytelling brings to life a world where the extraordinary exists within the everyday, inviting readers to immerse themselves in the ebb and flow of small-town coastal life and the enduring bonds that shape its shores.

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Excerpt from Mariner's Haven © Copyright 2024 Serena Bayfield

Chapter 1

It had been a hard day, but Kate had no complaints about that.

Kate closed the cafe and made sure that everything was locked up. She'd told Mary she could leave early, but she had to admit that help cleaning at the end of the day would have been nice. Still, she could tell that the young woman had other things on her mind as she kept looking at the clock on the wall.

“Got somewhere to be?” Kate asked, teasing her. Mary suddenly looked worried, as though she would be in trouble, but when she saw the smile on Kate's face, she returned it, realizing that she wasn't in trouble.

“Oh, nothing too exciting. Just…”

“Go on…”

“Well, Pete asked me if I wanted to go for a ride on his motorcycle. And…”

“And you wanted to go home and get ready, right?”

“If you need me to help, I'm happy to help you close up. I just thought that maybe…”

“Sure, go ahead. You've worked hard today.”

“Are you sure?”

“You'd better get going before I change my mind!”

Mary's smile widened even further. “You're the best!” she said, and with that, she was gone. Kate was left to look around the cafe, pushing her long, blond hair back behind her ears and letting out a long sigh as she saw how much work she had ahead of her.

It had taken Kate longer than she'd thought to get everything tidied up, but the fact that it had been such a busy day meant things were going well. It meant things were starting to come together.

Kate had turned her back on her old life in the city. She had needed a new start, and Mariner's Haven (near Sunset Bay to locals) had seemed like the perfect place for her ever since she had taken a vacation there several years ago on a whim.

It was a small coastal town nestled between rolling hills and a wide-open bay.

As soon as she'd arrived, she'd felt peace. Walking the narrow, cobbled streets, browsing the shops, sitting in the harbor, and watching the fishing boats bob in the ocean helped her worries fade away.

When she'd decided that she'd had enough of life in the city and needed something else, she'd repeatedly found her thoughts turning to this special place. She thought about what it would be like to wake up there every morning, knowing it was home.

She had begun to research how to move there. When she found a local cafe for sale, it seemed perfect. She loved cooking and baking and thought meeting new people would be exciting and fun.

Of course, it had yet to turn out as she'd hoped. Cooking for others was very different from hosting friends at her house. It had been much more complex.

She had also failed to consider how her relationships with the locals would be when she lived there full-time rather than just visiting.

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