A quick mind is essential even as we age. Not just for our well-being but also the sake of those around us.

It may be natural for brain activity to decline as we age. However, we can take steps to battle mental decline while having fun. I am talking about engaging with puzzles or mind games that focus on memory. They help sharpen our brains and also maintain a more youthful mind.

Puzzle books for adults are beneficial for brain health and offer off-screen entertainment that many of us struggle with.

How To Select A Fitting Adult Puzzle Book?

When choosing a puzzle book for adults, there are a few things you should consider.

The puzzles should be challenging enough to keep your interest, but not so difficult that you get frustrated. They should also be appropriate for your skill level. If you are new to puzzle books, start with something easy and work your way up to more difficult puzzles.

Another thing to consider is the type of puzzles in the book. Some books have only crossword puzzles, while others have a variety of different types of puzzles, such as word searches, sudoku, and logic puzzles. Choose the book that has the types of puzzles that you enjoy most.

Finally, take into account the size and binding of the book. If you plan to take it with you on trips or to use it at home, choose one that is small and lightweight.

I have curated a list of the latest books you can rely on for mind-breaking puzzles. The list includes books that provide specific puzzles, a collection of puzzle varieties, and those that have high puzzle quantities for more engagement. Let’s dive in.

What Are Exceptional Puzzle Books For Adults?

The Ultimate 200 Mind Boggling Puzzles, by Alexey Molchanov (2022)

The Ultimate 200 Mind Boggling Puzzles has a wide variety of brain games that will sharpen your problem-solving abilities and keep your brain healthy and young.

You will find more than 200 logic puzzles in this book, and you can be sure they will make you think deeply, challenge your reasoning ability, and keep you entertained.

If you are looking for a good adult puzzle book for a puzzle lover in your life, you will not go wrong with this one. In the book, you will find logic jokes and puzzles, matches and movement, and riddles that are as exciting as they are unique.

If you are a Math of Chess fan, there are also specially curated puzzles for you. I love that the puzzles in this book are all level logic for adults. You will not feel like you are engaging at a child’s level.


Mixed Puzzle Book for Adults, by Brain Puzzles Book (2022)

I find this puzzle book will give you various puzzles to work with. The choice is yours, and if you are feeling more enthusiastic, you can choose to cover everything. Whether you are into sudoku puzzles, criss-cross puzzles, or crossword puzzles, you will get something.

If you like maze puzzles, word searching, or word scramble puzzles, you will also find something stimulating and fun.

I like that this book has answers to all the puzzles at the back. You can use them to see what you get right or wrong without looking for answers from other sources like the internet. Each of the puzzles is crafted expertly and has accurate skill levels. If you cannot figure out what a particular puzzle requires you to do, you only have to go through the instructions provided quickly, and you are ready to go. Whether you are a new or old puzzle fan, this book is ideal.


Variety Puzzle Book for Adults, by Funafter Books (2021)

This 139 pages book has fewer puzzles than others on our list, but it will still get your brain stimulated. It features more than ninety puzzle varieties for adults and seniors. In it, you will get word search puzzles, sudoku, and word scramble.

If you enjoy working with numbers, you get a number search, and the maze puzzles got you covered for that extra brain stimulation.

You can trust that these will give you hours of fun. The author has put together the book to make it an easy read and has also provided solutions to the puzzles at the end of the book. As an adult, I highly appreciate the uncommon long words in the book. Some questions have multiple answers, which I found to be a pleasant surprise.

This book is challenging but just with the correct puzzle dose to help you stay focused.


1000 Cryptograms Puzzle Book for Adults, by Stephen J. Ellis (2022)

This book keeps you productive and busy while keeping your brain sharp, thoughtful, and stimulated. It is a two-in-one activity book that will give your brain the exercise it deserves to stay young and brilliant. It is a collection of cryptogram puzzles.

What I particularly love about this adult puzzle book is its funny and motivational quotes about American history, science and technology, authors, musicians, and athletes. The quotes are also thoughtful, and you will laugh as you learn from them.

The book has a thousand puzzles which are commendable considering they are not boring at all. It will be the companion you need whenever you need a work break, while traveling, or the relaxation tool you need while at home.


Summer Word Search, by King Alan (2022)

Summer comes with a lot of need for relaxation and a carefree attitude. And you can agree with me that to some extent our brains also want to join in the relaxation. But a better way to relax your brain while nourishing it with exercise is through puzzle books.

Summer Word Search is a puzzle book for people like me who enjoy their summer vacation by relaxing with a word search game for mind exercise. You will have access to more than 3000 unique words and get 200 puzzles you need to solve. This book is quite versatile. It has been put together for adults and seniors but can provide sane fun for the whole family.

The author has also taken off the heavy lifting some puzzle books require for answer searching by giving the solutions to the word searches and puzzles at the end of the book.


Logic Grid Puzzles, by Unicorn Books (2022)

If you are like me, a logic puzzle lover, and want a fun and challenging collection, Logic Grid Puzzles is a book for you. It will fuel your addiction from its wide variety of original logic puzzles.

I admire that the puzzles have beautiful illustrations in full color, which is an excellent way to fuel visual imagination. Logic grids are exciting and rewarding, and with this book, you will appreciate them more and step up your game. This book progressively builds the fun by starting with warm-up puzzles and switching to more extensive and more complex puzzle grids.

If you have the determination and focus, grab it to tackle more than 250 box grids. The puzzles cover different topics with a logic scheme, and the grids come in different sizes. Trust me, even the smaller ones are mind-boggling, and you will stay hooked.

Experts have carefully tested and proofread the grids, and each puzzle in this book has the best solving time indicated.


101 “Just Right” Themed Crosswords Puzzles for Adults, by Phil Fraas (2021)

Phil Fraas will keep your mind active with this title that features 101 fun crossword puzzles. As the title suggests, the crossword puzzles are “just right” to offer you the enjoyment you require while being a puzzler and boost your confidence.

Every puzzle has easy-to-read clues and large grids that are easy to fill. The puzzles also have fun and exciting themes, which is an excellent way to help you with solving. You also get exciting tidbits that will give you a kick out of reading about crossword lore.

The answer grids are easy to locate at the back of the book, so you can gauge how well you perform. Due to small print, some crossword books make it quite challenging to solve crosswords. However, my work was more manageable due to its large print size.

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran at crossword puzzles, Phil offers a nice crossword puzzle balance to provoke thoughts.


The Ultimate Brain Health Crossword Puzzle Book for Adults, by Rockridge Press (2022)

This book will give you the brain workout you need alongside immense fun. It has 84 mind-strengthening crosswords, which are robust and entertaining to enhance your cognitive function. The variety of mental challenges crosswords give are excellently depicted in this book, and you will feel the power as you solve the puzzles.

The book features three difficulty levels, has fun themes, and contains clever clues that make it a perfect puzzle book. This book is unique, with every puzzle printed on an individual page. You will not have to worry about the lack of writing space and seeing the clues.

Based on the level you like to gauge your brain, you are at liberty to choose the puzzle difficulty. I particularly like that you get brain health pointers for keeping the brain in shape and working optimally. For instance, you are advised on snacks and beneficial bedtime routines for improved brain function.


Word Search for Adults, by Deko Dek Publishing (2022)

Word search is fun, so I have included this book on this list. This one is exclusive to word search, so if that is what you enjoy, you are in for a treat. With this book, you are tasked with finding 200-word searches; there are more than 4000 words you should look for.

To make the activity fun, some words overlap or cross each other. The words are also placed in all directions- forward, backward, diagonally, upwards, or downwards. No straightforward puzzle is delightful, right? Each page has one puzzle, so the space is enough for you to work with.

I like that you can have fun with family from the exciting family themes curated for hours of fun. Word searches can be excellent brain stress relievers, and they are also a good way to wind up after a long or tiresome day so gain these benefits with Word Search for Adults.


Murder Most Puzzling, by Stephanie Von Reiswitz (2020)

Murder Most Puzzling is for you if you are into murder mystery puzzles. I like that this book is witty and allows you to play detective as you solve the series of absorbing murder-themed mystery puzzles. You are cast to solve twenty puzzling cases, and each mystery is well illustrated.

Because the murder mysteries will need various deductive tactics, you will find them good brain exercises. These puzzles are also perfect if you enjoy dark humor. They are gorgeously illustrated with a gothic style and channel a difficult “escape room” feeling. You will solve brain-teasers, decrypt messages, and critically think as you complete the puzzles.

If you know someone who is an Edward Gorey fan, a mystery buff, or a lover of true crime and puzzles, this book will make a great gift.


The Ultimate Book of Mixed Puzzles, by Parragon Books (2021)

This is another excellent if you fancy puzzle variety. The book contains more than 450 puzzles in categories like sudoku, word search, crossword, mazes, and more. You won’t get bored with all this variety.

Each puzzle features a unique challenge and will keep your mind sharp while granting you much entertainment. You can crack the numbers in sudoku and then get a break by searching for the hidden words. Or you may take up a new puzzle until you are done and proceed to a different one. It is all up to you.

I love the variety and how well this book has been curated to suit puzzle novices, intermediates, and experts. The puzzles are mixed well for different difficulty levels and are all good for improving memory, vocabulary, and focus. This book will keep you busy and having fun whether you are on vacation, during holidays, or at whatever time you deem suitable for a puzzle.


On This Day, by Crystalyn Sevy (2020)

On This Day is a 125 pages puzzle book to get your hands on if you enjoy cryptograms. The book has various cryptograms that will give you interesting facts about every day of the year. While you are deciphering every encrypted puzzle, you will discover many new things that you probably have never known. You get to learn about interesting origins, weird laws, and different discoveries with each cryptogram.

The book contains plenty of hints to help you with the cryptograms if you get stuck, and the apostrophes, commas, and periods will provide you with answer clues. Sevy has done an excellent job of proofreading the book to avoid misspellings and errors.

Once you are done with the puzzles, you can compare your answers with the solutions provided at the back of the book.


Final Thoughts on the selection of Puzzle Books for Adults

The above book recommendations are sure to get you going whenever you are in the mood for fun, unwinding, and brain development.

If you are looking for more fun check out also some adult mandala coloring books to relax.

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