Mirror Little Mirror – Who are You invites parents and little ones to join in the magical adventure of a young child as they discover their reflection in a mirror for the first time.

A personal message from the author:

My daughter Colette is leaving for university next year and we have started to reminisce about things that we both shared, that brought laughter and happiness in our lives. She was holding this mirror, and she and I remember when I kept telling her what happened when she first saw herself in the mirror. We laughed and cried also which is how this story begun because the story also has a moral to it.

I feel that it is a beautiful story that parents can read out loud to their children and then as the child grows older they can read the book back to their parents. I hope this memory becomes a family favourite also, just like it has for my daughter and I.

–Colette Stone

Follow this delightful tale of discovery as the child marvels at what they see, ponders what it means, and makes the connection.

This beautiful story provides hours of fun and laughter, fills your heart with so much joy, and provides the perfect learning opportunity that your child will love.

Have fun sharing this wonderful story with your own child as they gaze into a mirror for the very first time.

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