A book for everyone-Diverse Characters, Zany Antics, Teamwork, and Disability Awareness are all rolled up  into one funny book!

A personal message from the author:

A book for Everyone – Diverse Characters, Zany Antics, Teamwork, and Disability Awareness are all rolled up into One Funny Book! This statement was my goal in writing this book. The main character is blind, but the story is not about disabilities, rather clever leadership and confidence. The cast of characters is diverse and may seem wise beyond their years in their interactions with other but there is enough silliness to resonate with young readers. Mitzi is new, but the other characters were introduced in Bluebell Skinks Wheelchair Kid. Each book stands alone, however. To ensure I was accurate, I was fortunate to spend the day with a delightful family of five, four of whom are blind. (The two youngest girls were around Mitzi's age.) They invited me into their home which gave me additional background knowledge. The staff at the National Federation of the Blind Headquarters in Baltimore were also extremely welcoming.
I write humorous books because kids crack me up. There's simply no other way to say it. I hope that readers will enjoy this book and perhaps take a look at the first one as well

— Liz Cooper

When new student Mitzi Mufflin, who happens to be blind, joins the gang at Mortimer Potts Elementary School, she's thrilled to named Principal for a Day. Little does she know, the real principal and teachers will disappear! Can Principal Mufflin and her pint-sized “staff” secretly run the school until the teachers return? Join Mitzy as she navigates her way through each new challenge, using resourcefulness, determination, and her Cane Tappity.


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