Curvaceous Chantal-Marie Delacroix is a proud biracial woman focused on her successful international career. Balanced by her family and a small circle of sorority sisters, she's happily, celibate and single with no interest in dating. However, a chance encounter with a foreign man feels cosmic and comfortable. He is not her type at all but throwing caution to the wind, the mysterious connection lures her into seduction and secrets.

He lives by a strict set of codes, following unbending rules and traditions outlined by his ancestors. Although desired by many, he selects only culturally acceptable females for brief and private dalliances. He doesn't deviate, besides she isn't even close to his specific requirements. But strong forces keep pulling him toward this unknown woman with mystical eyes.

Their unexplained attraction grows and ignites an uncontrollable hunger, as they embark on a passionate love affair. But the forbidden romance and dark secrets can destroy him, her, and everything.

Are moments in life mistakes or are they meant to be something more?


Excerpt from Moments With You © Copyright 2023 O'shan Waters

4 Daylight

The bright sunrise shined through the lower half of one partially closed window across the dark room. I stretched slowly from underneath his luxurious sheets and suddenly realized I was alone. Looking around, I saw he was not in the

room. I sat up quickly and noticed I had on his shirt from last night’s event. It wasn’t buttoned. Adjusting in the bed, I attempted to close it but couldn’t. (Well of course not. Shoot.) My eyes searched in the darkness, for my gown or the robe from last night.

(Oh, come on. He put it over there. Where is it?)

While rustling the covers in frustration, I heard his sultry voice. “Good morning, Miss Delacroix. Now you wouldn’t be looking for your clothes to sneak out, would you? Guess what? I have them. Unless you plan to wear my shirt and take your chances on not getting arrested, you can’t leave just yet.” He started chuckling.

The remaining blackout curtains slowly lifted to the same midway point as the one bringing in the morning light. Startled, I wondered. . . (How did he know I was looking for. . . Wait, he isn’t even in here. He’s watching me. Freakin’ robot house.)

Still sitting up and trying to figure out where he was, I just said, “Uh, good morning. Are you watching me from some surveillance camera, stalker?”

His playful laughter could be heard, but he didn’t appear. He said, “I left something for you in the bathroom. Come join me in the kitchen when you’re ready.”

Jumping out of his bed, I walk to the bathroom. (Ha, I still have on these socks, that’s funny.) Getting closer to the doors, the bathroom automatically illuminated. I hesitated for a second before going in. “Shoot, that scared me.”

The bathroom was the size of a studio apartment and went around the corner with the glass window walls for the continued panoramic view that his entire home had. It was all very beautiful. His bathroom had a crisp spa feel but without feminine touches. It had slick silver, gold, and white marbled granite, landscape artwork, and illuminating mirrors. (This is very nice, but I have to pee.) Passing the floor to ceiling glass shower, sauna, and an enormous white Japanese soaking tub, I searched. Then I noticed a granite pillar with a fireplace and television within it on the other side of the tub and a built-in corner bar with a fully stocked glass door refrigerator. Ancient sword towel racks and a gold-colored oversized loveseat on the other side of the TV and ireplace pillar also caught my attention. (Nice. This is beautifully designed, but where is the dang toilet in this joint?)

Behind the couch were two separate doors, one that housed the toilet and bidet with an exit door on the other side. (Found it!) Curious about the other door, I opened it discovering an equally massive wardrobe and dressing room with high and low rows of neatly hung formal and casual clothes in rich wood compartments behind glass. Built-in dresser drawers with flat surfaces and rotating racks of all sorts of shoes. (Don’t be too nosy.) At the far end were two black chairs, full-length mirrors, and double doors next to a door that I didn’t explore. I walked through fascinated and opened the furthest double doors, and I was back in his bedroom. (I knew this was a giant dressing room and he would have a crazy amount of designer clothes. Yeah, he’s a neat freak. I just made a circle. His home is very nice.)

Quickly backtracking, I took the opportunity to test out the buttons on the black warming toilet and bidet. (Wait, is he watching me pee? No, he wouldn’t. It’s not like he’s a sicko like what’s his name in prison.) My feet were now warming up, and I realized the bathroom floor was heated. (Well, of course it is duh.)

Making my way to wash my hands I saw my cleaned gown peeking through a grey garment travel bag. Also, inside were my washed bra and panties clipped to a hanging rod. Grabbing my dress and underwear I went to lay them on the couch and noticed my name on two white boxes with orange ribbon. I decided to further investigate after washing my hands. Opening the large box first, I discovered coconut scented and flavored toiletries, an extra-large leisure pant set, black socks, and size 8 women’s slides. The black Repose floppy pullover cropped sweatshirt and wide-leg drawstring pants were things I had at home in other colors. Shocked, I covered my wide smile, giggling, and thought. . . (Well, aren’t you clever and very sweet. If you were trying to impress me, you did.)

Rushing, I put my hair in one long back French braid, freshened up, and changed into my gift attire, still grinning. (I feel so spoiled. Hey, a perfect fit, very good guess.)

Carrying the boxes and garment bag into his room, I collected my clutch and jewelry and made my way back down the wide main hallway of his home. It was only then that I heard singing to the upbeat melody of “Make It Right” from BTS.

(Well, someone is in a happy mood.)