Tales of the Not Found Book 1

The Montauk Monster, Bigfoot, the Jersey Devil. Urban legends, laboratory mistakes, conspiracy theories. Alec Barringer has heard about them all, and dismissed most of them. He is, after all, a respected English professor, in possession of a rational mind, with a talent for computing and technical skills. But he keeps following the stories because Alec has had an experience most others haven't. He's seen a creature, unlike anything else in nature, up close and personal. His desire to find proof of such anomalies will lead him into a situation he could never have imagined. Not only do such creatures exist, but the information is jealously guarded, and any real evidence quickly disappears. Alec soon finds it involves more than just freaks of nature, and more than just a hasty cover-up. The reality goes much deeper, and it's much more organized and complex than Alec could have ever imagined. And he's just about to go behind the curtain…

A personal message from the author:
“At some point, all the things you enjoy about books congregate in your head. When it gets crowded and you have a desire for a horror, science fiction, conspiracy tale, with a dash of humor, you might just have to write it yourself.”
S.H. Dale


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