Once upon a time there was a man, who wandered careworn on the edge of the forest. When he got tired, he sat down next to a tree. At that time he didn't recognized what kind of tree he had chosen. It was a magical tree, that fulfilled all of the wishes who touched it.

The traveler first thought, that a glass of water would be good, because he was very thirsty. Suddenly a glass of crystal-clear water appeared in his hand. The traveler was very surprised, he examined the water, he even sniffed. Finally he decided, that it shouldn't be dangerous so he drunk. Than he get hungry and he wanted something to eat. The food appeared as amazingly as the water.

Traveler: “It seems that all my wishes come true” – he tought.

At this time he said the following wish loud.

houseforestTraveler: “Then I would like a beautiful house!”

In the valley front of him, a house appeared. With a big smile on his face, he wished servants who will care of the house. As soon as they appeared around the house, he felt, that the God blessed with incredible power. So he wished a beautiful and intelligent woman, with whom he can share his luck.

When it became reality, he said the following to the woman.

Traveler: “Wait a minute! What is happening here? I couldn't have such a luck! This can not happen to me!”

At that very moment, when he said those words everything disappeared.

Traveler: “I know, that would happen” – said and shook his head.

This lesson teaches us, that the biggest reason why we fail is the lack of faith. 90% of people see the problem in every opportunity. The rest of 10% see the opportunity in every problem.

Now, in which group do you belong to?