Dating is a game, and this is your Ultimate Strategy Guide!

From my experience, dating and video games have so many things in common. And if you as a Man, took all those lessons that you’ve learned from playing video games your entire life and applied them to dating, you can become quite successful at it. The aim of this book is to use those amazing video games that we love to play and show you how they are similar to dating. This book will show you all the moves, lessons, and special counter attacks that will help you understand the rules of dating and how you can play the game better than anyone else. . . just like a video game.

So, are you ready to win? Are you ready to learn how to move, play, and dominate the Dating Game like a Pro Championship Player on a speed run challenge through Hot Chick Castle? You sure? Good! Don’t waste another second. Smash that “Buy” button now to grab your new controller for getting what you want out of dating called “Moves: Dating is a Game,” and get ready to take your game with women to the next level so that you can start winning at this bigger one called Life!


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