Nosso Lar is the best-selling novel by Francisco Cândido Xavier. According to the story after dying, André Luiz encounters neither the Heaven nor the Hell depicted in the teachings he had received during his Catholic upbringing. Rather, he initially has to endure a period in the so-called umbral, a region where less-than-perfect souls face the consequences of their infelicitous actions while alive. After a while, André Luiz is able to perceive the presence of Clarêncio, a friendly spirit who had been trying to help him all along during his stay in the umbral. Clarêncio then takes André Luiz to Nosso Lar, a spirit colony, or astral city, where André becomes acquainted with the intricacies of afterlife and reincarnation.

The movie is perhaps the closest to the reality of afterlife.

The astral city as physical place certainly does not exists, it is more like a metaphor, but the extraordinary loving attitude of spirits is the same as in the movie. Compered with a consciousness spirit our mind is acting like a kid. If you see the movie without any reservation, you would feel that certain parts like reincarnation is a big deal even for higher spirits, and even for consciousness beings get use to the non-physical existence takes “time”. What I really loved in the story, the message: We won't be alone. Enjoy the movie.

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