Rascal and Buddy are moving to a new home. Will they be happy? Will they make new friends? What fun and adventures await them?

Moving Day is the very first in a new children's picture book series, The Amazing Adventures of Rascal, Buddy, Lambie, Ducky, and Squirrel.

Rascal and his friends will have fun and adventure. Together, they will overcome various age-appropriate challenges. They will learn the importance of family, teamwork, cooperation, and friendship. They will learn values that meaningful friendships are based upon: respect, kindness, appreciation, equality, fairness, and many others. Rascal and his pals are cute and funny. They stimulate the imagination and possess characteristics that will allow little children to easily identify with them.

Be on the lookout for more of Rascal's adventures:

  1. The Clubhouse
  2. The Amazing Race!
  3. Let's Go To The Beach!

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