In the modern world sometimes it is really hard to find places or time where or when you can work/learn by yourself and nobody disturbs you. The best music for concentration is silence. However most of the people in open offices put on headphones and hear some music on Spotify, TuneIn radio or Soundcloud. There is no chance to have a quite room in the office, so what music could be the best choice for work and study?

child listen musicSome days ago, I read a really simple study performed with smaller children, who learned in the school. The instruction was to listen music while they are learning. Three type of music were offered for them: (1) classic music, (2) pop music and (3) jazz. The control group did not listened any music at all.

It turned out, that however the favorite music type was pop among the youngsters, the children who listened classic music remembered more things after the learning. As the children told the less they focused on the music, the more they focused on the learning material. However all of the children really enjoyed listening music during the afternoon hours.

I also searched some music for You to find harmony, and enjoy reading (or studying).

Source: StudyMusicProject 

Source: Indiajiva (Universal Mother Album)