Given away as a child so that my family could have a better life, I encountered suffering and injustice working for tradesmen in the community and did not receive any wages. I moved to Montego Bay at a tender age searching for greener pastures. Instead, life became harder for me. I was faced with several challenges; some were good and some were bad and in spite of all the temptations, the almighty God has guided me through them all.

This book is a combination of suffering, insult and humour. There are places where you’ll feel as if you want to break down in tears. So many testimonies and sad truths. We should learn from this book that you can be oppressed by your own families and at times treated as black sheep and as an outcast. The sad part of the whole thing is that when you have love in your heart towards an individual or individuals sometimes all you get in return is ridicule, disrespect and being excommunicated.

All that happened to me helped me to become stronger and wiser. More love for the less fortunate and more strength for the weak. All my heart cries out for the poor who can't enjoy life the way it should be enjoyed.

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