Help Your Child Build Confidence & Embrace Mindfulness The Fun Way!

Do you want your child to be More Confident, More Thoughtful, and have More Self-Esteem?

We know all too well what growing children think about and what challenges they face. This is why we wrote this book to teach children just how amazing they are and just how much greater they can become!

This book for kids is made to help your little ones become what they want through the power of words and positive self-affirmations along with helping them express their emotions while having fun!

Teach Children To Love Themselves & Those Around Them

With playful illustrations and engaging stories, this affirmation book for kids provides parents with a simple yet creative way to encourage their little ones to find their inner strength and resilience.

Our empowerment book for kids is filled with mindful affirmations to offer support and encouragements to help them tackle any challenges they come across.

As your child says the I Am Statements inside, they will come to realize just how Brave, Courageous, Beautiful, Smart, Kind, & Special they are to build their self-confidence from an early age.

Who Is This Positive Affirmation Book For?

It’s just the right book for boys and girls ages 3 and up. It’s ideal for use at home, schools, nurseries, and anywhere else where you want to help support the future of children by laying a solid framework for them to build upon.

Inside You’ll Find:

  • Cute, adorable, and colorful illustrations to keep kids engaged
  • Thoughtfully written and inspiring poems that are catchy and fun
  • Affirmations that will help create a foundation of positivity, confidence, and kindness
  • And Much More!

A personal message from the authors:

As parents of 5, we have learnt a few things:

  • Never make eye contact with a child on the verge of falling asleep, they will sense your excitement and abort mission.
  • Your kids can't hear you screaming their names repeatedly, but they can hear you open a bag of chips through 3 walls and a thunderstorm.
  • Lastly, we are responsible for our children's future, not the schools, not themselves, but us, the parents.

This book was written to be used as a tool for helping our children to discover and nurture the power of affirmation and positive thought in a way that they will understand and that excites them.

It was our greatest pleasure writing this book, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

— Fabian & Kristina Purcell