Some wounds aren’t always visible, some hurts are too deep to be fully seen…After two decades of trying not to get knocked up, Linda finds herself struggling to fall pregnant.

The initial period of fun soon turns to frustration. Hurdles are faced, difficulties are overcome and at last Linda falls pregnant – until fate deals them a tragic blow. One moment, Linda feels on top of the world. The next? She’s devastated, waiting for surgery to end her pregnancy in a ward surrounded by happy, expectant mothers eager to hold their precious new babies in their arms.

In a world that has little sympathy for her predicament, Linda searches desperately for a source of comfort to ease her pain. Perhaps finding her own biological mother, who surrendered her as a baby, will give her the strength she needs to get through these challenging times.

Tender and supremely empathetic, My Roller Coaster Ride to Motherhood delves into a pain that many women have to bear; into their silent tragedies that always throb and ache and never quite go away.


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