Developing The Lost Art of Teacher-Student Relationships

A personal message from the author:

I wrote this book to give educators proven practical principles to form positive relationships with their students. This book was also written for students who struggle with finding their identity, purpose, and willpower to reach their goals.

— Tyson J. Askew 

Neglected Prospects is a collection of life significant events that are shared to bring more awareness to the forbidden concept of teacher-student relationships.Our students miss holistic educational experiences when outstanding, ethical, professional educators neglect the idea of a bond with students who need more than reading, writing, arithmetic, a syllabus, a rubric, and a grade.

Educational leader, Dr. James Comer said it best: “No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship.” In this book, Tyson reveals how some educators in his life abandoned the idea of cultivating a healthy teacher-student relationship. Educators allowed him to pass through their hands without a significant meaningful connection that could have made the difference between him excelling like his peers or living the outcomes of educational neglect. Exposing the highs and lows of his personal experiences with education, Tyson gives voice to a tested framework and the importance of healthy teacher-student relationships.

This book also is a resource, giving value to anyone who is lost in life and ready for greater. Through famous education scenarios from TV & film, Tyson’s personal experiences, and deep reflection we will cultivate practical principles for healthy teacher-student relationships that leads to educational success!

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