A love story of two musicians

I have created two teenage characters, Nina and Nano, who will not only have to face their inexperience in life but also the opposition of parents and educators who with common sense they will try to convince them with great phrases and pragmatic arguments that their teenage dreams are just dreams. Nano does not have the negative influence of family, so his dream of becoming a renowned classical guitar soloist will progress quickly, but Nina, who dreams of becoming a creative singer-songwriter, finds herself caught between the promiscuity of a divorced mother, who believes that she may break all the most basic moral standards, justifying in a short time what is the sexual and attractive life of a woman.

Nano, who entertains the evenings of a small local piano-bar with her guitar, will offer Nina the first opportunity to show her musical talent, and she composes a simple song that is enormously successful, although she owes it at least half the credit. But Nina is not prepared to assimilate her premature success and falls into the temptation allowing herself to be seduced by another attractive teenager (her first sexual experience) at a crazy beach party, with more alcohol than she should for such a young age.

As if her foolish act was not enough, Nina accidentally discovers that her mother leads her to pose for a pornographic magazine. It is too much, and according to Nano, who has been fired for neglecting his job because of Nina, they escape and live their lives far from the influence of adults. The adventure will be brief, because they will be welcomed by Sofía, a widow, with her four children who, after listening to Nina, knows that she has talent and will help her discover her creativity by inviting them to spend a few days in a quiet rural house among orange trees. Sofia will alert Nina's parents, thanking the escape and the sincere regret of the mother it reconciles them. A few days later the reunion occurs and Nina assumes that her adventure with Nano has only been a teenage dream. They separated leaving their reunion in the hands of fate five years later, with their dreams fulfilled, during a bumpy maro-concert organized for Nina.


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