A Collection of Poetic Psalms

Personal message from the author:
“We live in a world that does not value human dignity, a world that treats people as if they are commodities! But I hope to introduce you through these writings, to a higher love. It is my desire that you learn to see yourself through the eyes of God rather than through the eyes of the world!

Remember, better is not good enough! The best is yet to come.”
— Jeremiah F Stephens

Everyone in life will face trials or circumstances that may hinder their faith. These times are part of everyone’s spiritual journey. In the Bible Jesus tells us that in the world we will have trials and tribulations (John 16:33) but He also instructs us to be of good cheer because our struggles will not overcome us.

Despite Jesus’ words, some people in the Church struggle with their faith in times of crisis. They mumble, they mummer, and give up on God after basing their faith on what is happening to them and around them. The key to overcoming the challenges of life is to keep our eyes on Jesus and His unconditional love for us. When we begin to understand Jesus love for us we began to inwardly develop the strength we need to make it through any challenge. When we make Jesus the object of our faith, the center of our attention, our faith spontaneously grows. That is because as we focus on Jesus we can see His track record, where He has so ever remained faithful in seeing us through.

Relying on Jesus is the key to sustaining our faith and maintaining our Christian walk. Many books on the market today, offer a collection of encouraging sermons, personal life stories, and self-help material all aimed at encouraging those who are struggling with their faith. This book of poems however will be a collection of short poems that can act as personal everyday faith confessions. Rather than reading an encouraging sermon from a chapter out of a book, this poetry collection will offer short sections that readers can easily navigate too, remember, and even sing to themselves throughout the day as they encourage themselves.

The collection of poems within this book is written in a popular, conventional style. The different poetic structures and lyrics makes it easily accessible to those who don’t know much about the Bible, while providing a message that is evangelical, theologically accurate, and culturally relatable. The book also features real life short stories to compliment the themes presented within this book.


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