Noella Environmental Education Science Comics Volume 1

A personal note from the author:

I am a passionate animator who cares deeply for the environment. I've been a professional architect with over a decade of experience working on high-end design projects. My experience working on the Disneyland project in Shanghai led me to become acutely aware of China's pollution problems and global climate issues.

To make our planet a better place, I decided to educate current and future generations. It is my hope that my contribution will benefit the kids in building a better future for themselves.

–Louis Yuen

Environmental Education Comics based on real research and catered to Schoolchildren!

For the parents who want their children to learn more about and how to fight climate change, Infinity Eight Productions presents the Noella Environmental Education Science Comics Volume 1!

Join Noella in these comics as she helps to make the world a cleaner place to live. With roots based in academics, the Noella Comics Series educates children about the changing planet and inspires them to become a better environmental citizen.

In this edition we have distilled the takeaways of university research papers from leading international institutions and deliver them in a fun, light, and approachable way. Volume 1 features work from Columbia, Harvard, MIT, Oxford, Stanford, and Yale.

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