A Thrilling Mystery Set on the Scorching Sands of Afghanistan

Damocles Book 1

Nomad‘ is the first daring step I've taken to starting a writing career I've always wanted but never been brave enough to take a risk on. I hope readers enjoy it and the following works as I grow as a writer and story teller.

A Lone Survivor on a Mission to Discover the Truth – Go On a Thrilling Mission Alongside Sergeant Reeves and Discover That on the Battlefield, Not Everything Is As It Seems.

Sergeant Tommy Reeves, British S.A.S, was the lone survivor of what felt like a random attack. His entire team was ambushed and slaughtered by Al-Qaeda fighters, leaving Reeves the only survivor. He was taken captive and interrogated for months before he saw his golden chance to escape. With his racing heartbeat and weakened state, Sergeant Reeves is able to escape. After escaping, he swears revenge on the monsters that massacred his team but soon comes to realize that the motive behind the ambush was much bigger than he anticipated. Larger forces were at play, and Sergeant Reeves is determined to find out who they are.

Bodies begin to fall, and a vast conspiracy begins to unravel. Puzzle pieces begin to align, and as his investigation goes on, Reeves discovers that things are about to change forever. An attack with enough firepower to completely alter the balance of power across the Middle East. Reeves is completely on his own with no support and limited resources. But he knows that he must do something.

He’s the only one who can put a stop to this.

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