Q&A With American Breweries Vol. 1 

A personal message from the author:

Putting together this book was so exciting for me. For years I have wanted to open a craft brewery of my own and this was an opportunity to pick the brains of American craft beer success stories. I have worked in every part of the beer industry and can honestly say I learned so much from the interviews. This book is for anyone who has even a slight interest in beer and the craft beer industry, plus it makes a unique one-of-a-kind gift!

— Jon Nelsen

Does the thought of a freshly hopped local IPA send chills down your spine? Perhaps you crave a deliciously simple ice cold pilsner crafted to perfection?

As a beer geek, you know we live in the undisputed best moment in history!

The craft of brewing beer has never seen more innovation and growth, yet for the purist the selection of traditional old world ales has never been greater.

This one of a kind book asks breweries some poignant questions about their operations, products, their take on the industry, and what’s coming next!

In One More Beer, Please (Vol. 1), over 100 breweries answer questions like:

  • What is the actual difference between a Porter and a Stout?
  • How do you open a brewery and what does it cost?
  • Who in the industry is doing it best?
  • What beers do brewers actually drink?
  • Do IBU’s still matter?

and so much more….

Beer is personal to me and if it is to you too, please pick up these books today and show your love for the amazing industry that brought us hours of delightful day drinking and evenings that felt like you never wanted them to end.

Written by someone who truly loves beer, this book peeks behind the curtain and gets candid answers about all things craft beer.

The people behind these companies are leaders and trailblazers. Get to know more about American breweries and what makes them some of the greatest job creators and innovators on the planet!


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