A personal message from the author:

I have been writing for quite some time and I kept it for myself.

Then, I remember in high school we had this special guest, she was a writer, she asked us to write anything.

For some reason, she loved mine and that's when I started to gain the confidence to write more.

Fast forward, in my senior year in college, I was studying abroad in NY. My landlord is a literature teacher, we never lived together, we'd see each other from time to time when she wanted to get to know me and of course check-in.
Every time we'd see each other, she'd always say something like: “I can see you as a teacher, or maybe a writer, you have that vibe” – she said.

And again, it boosted my confidence, and started writing on a blog.
My blog was more about traveling and studying abroad. So I eventually stopped writing.

Then, fast forward to 2020, lockdown came. I had more time to reflect on everything and I remember joking around saying: “I might write a book this year” and here we are today, finally publishing my first book called “One more sunrise”

— Clea Sandrine Dimarucut

One more sunrise is a book separated into three different categories: poetry, letters, prose, and Q&As. It talks about love, forgiveness, healing, and countless chances.

Here's a sneak peek of what you will read and discover: it's more than a book, more than all the words used to complete this puzzle.born from the soul, a voyage of grace, of countless chances.one of my treasured possession, though it's mine, I don't want to keep it for myself. It is not another book you'll add to your bookshelf and let it dust.it is a book you'll read again and again; every time you feel abandoned, every time you feel rejected, every time you feel chosen, every time you feel loved.

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