Life As Grace Book 1

Grace aches to truly discover herself. Where did she come from and how did she come to be? She may be blessed with exceptional and God-like powers, but Grace is languishing in a cloud of the unknown. As an immortal, Grace’s problems are never-ending. Worldly losses are painful enough, but when it’s discovered that her oldest memories were stolen by a council of vengeful divinities, the stage is set for all-out war with stakes that couldn’t climb higher.
Earth’s most clandestine faction offers refuge, but teaming up with vampires only further angers the enemy. Moreover, Grace’s alliance with these earthbound hunters is strictly forbidden. The reason, running through their veins, will represent a riddle that together must be solved—and fast—for fate is closing in.
Grace will soon receive an ultimatum of galactic weight. Those closest to her believe she’s trapped, but bombshells lie in store.

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