Spiritual Poetry & Self-Help Affirmations to Aid in the Liberation of a World in Fear

What a masterpiece our cosmos is,
from cell to galaxy, there’s oneness in all.
How traumatized our minds must get,
to stray away from the beauty of the moment.
How absolutely magnificent
this cosmic dance is,
when you can see that love never leaves us.
All light and dark are meant for this,
for the alchemy of the soul.

Matt Buonocore

Each poem and affirmation is meant to elicit a new vibratory experience to guide the reader towards spiritual growth. We are all called to serve ourselves and then the world.

This book is meant to be a message for all of those who choose the path of service. As our fear disintegrates, we are able to walk closer to our true nature, and this truth is the constant factor that binds us all together.

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