Outcast Otter Adventures Book 1

A personal message from the author:

I created Outcast the traveling otter for my three children, who are fantastic travelers. Outcast is unique because of his mismatched eyes, one blue, one black… and it's because of his eyes he was tossed into the toy factory rubbish bin, and discovered by Timmy Carlton, together, like Winnie and Christopher Robin, Outcast and Timmy make a fantastic team. Outcast is champion for children's literacy, doing what's right and standing up for those who are different.

— Monty C. Floyd

When the manager of a toy factory discovers a toy otter with mismatched eyes, she tosses him into the rubbish bin. Thankfully, Timmy Carlton discovers the little fellow and gives him a home.Now Timmy is on a White House tour where he believes Outcast is in the coatroom, but he couldn’t be more mistaken.

The Outcast Otter series' theme is accepting people who are dissimilar, and fostering new friendships. Outcast does this through his global travels with Timmy, where they meet characters from different faiths and nationalities. The series introduces children to international cities and customs through Outcast’s entertaining shenanigans.

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