A modern day yin-yang, push-pull of human mind to let chaos take over our soul to find us some Peace

An artistic piece of portrayal of modern-day yin-yang, push-pull, space-time, force-gravity or PC, Peace and Chaos.

There are two halves to this piece of literature, first half is just ‘meet-the-eye’ regular romance with some unusually fun-filled content. The second-half struggles of Chaos to restore some Peace onto her life is so exquisitely portrayed with much clarity and with different shades of a modern-day femme fatale. A must read for all younger generation, millennials, especially new (Internet) era women!

This is the most important thing I wanted you all to take with you today and so I repeat myself again, “Internet was supposed to be the discovery of the Century, it turned out as a modern-day-drug overuse in the current decade with severe side effects not only to the person, but also to the society as a whole in an alarming way, please understand its harmful impacts too.

The 21st century will not be remembered for COVID, other virus, or diseases or even war but how the internet engulfed the cells of our minds & humanity.

A World-Wide-Wonderful discovery like Internet should not end up as the creator of mad disease neither in the present nor in the future!


Excerpt From Peace and Chaos © Copyright 2023 Uwe Alpha Librae

Day 99: Will there not be a better day to breathe?

To my brother from another mother,

Though we share the same dreams and aspirations when we were kid,

The world has given you less of an opportunity and more of a struggle,

To every sport ever created for entertainment, your body was just used for someone’s profit!

To every dollar other man made, you end up with only a dime in your pocket.

To every hour you spent walking down the street, you always get frisked under your jacket.

To every time you carried a bag on your hand, you get checked on every other bag-pocket?,

To every crime that ever happened in the society, you get portrayed as the most possible lunatic!

To every child born in your color, they end up dreaming the same and hope to achieve even more to yell to the world “That’s enough is enough…  Just stop it!”

That, will there not be a better day? they will feel easier to breathe and sleep in a safer neighborhood and stop this inhumane rough-malice?

Will there not be a day? that all children are equal in god’s office and there not be only, economic-reforms but more political & social-justice!

Will there not be a day? If we can let go off our skin color, for all of us to turn into one-color of kindness?

Will there not be a day? We understood that blood in our veins is the same and thicker than the hatred that is created to divide us,

Will there not be a day?  We all become just one human-race or rather all  just suffer from color-blindness?

Will there not be a day of us equal in hearts & minds and not just on a piece of paper, which sounds a bit humorous?

When that day comes my brother and dear sister, we can truly declare ourselves human… without much dubious and make it quite obvious!

Until then, we are no better than the demons of our past histories,

We are no better than the birds and bees… and it’s disappearing mysteries!

We are no better to protect mammals and trees… or dissolving human-civil liberties!

We are no better than a cancer to this human soul…

Causing its worst modern blistery!

With a knee down on the earth and a fist up to the sky

There will be better day for all of us! Breathe Easy! #BLM!

  • Love you my brothers and sisters
  • Peace