Some days ago I was at a wedding it was rather a small one no fancy dresses no fancy party just a civil ceremony with the parents and close relatives.

The time was late afternoon, nothing special, sunshine, especially warm weather.
The ceremony was in a small town, on the first floor of the Mayor's Office.

It last only 15 minutes, but wait a minute, it seems to be longer. As soon as the ceremony started, we lost the sense of time, everything changed. The colors, the words, somehow everything seems to be more realistic, more detailed, more meaningful.

When deep feelings touches the heart the body answers with tears. And the atmosphere in that room was so thick that nobody could stop the flow of the feelings. If you harmonize with the waves of the couple you will experience the same strong feelings. Eye is the mirror of the Soul, when you look into others eyes, the sync happens faster.

It was so beautiful to see not the tears of the others but happiness, that occurred in that room. I wish everybody to experience it.