“Not all of us are evil,” Astra said with a heaving chest. “You will not destroy my species.”“No,” the demon whispered as a smile crossed her lips. “But you will.” Astra has seen demons her entire life. In the shadows, in her sleep, in her imagination. But now… they are real. Creatures she thought only existed in her worst nightmares come in the night and tear her away from her home and everyone she loves. In a faraway land, she has to adapt quickly. Unknown dangers lurk around every corner, and in order to live, she must question her every step and the intentions of everyone around her. The odds are stacked against her. Between the ferocious beasts, unpredictable weather, and blood thirsty plants, her chances are slim. To survive in this strange place takes everything she’s got. Can she make it back home? Or will she die fighting?

Personal message from the author:
“I wrote this book to allow readers to escape into a different world.”
— Angelika Koch


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