One universe is a dangerous place. The rest of them are deadly.

It was an easy mission, or so he believed: A race against time to save the world he was born on by bringing back those who were not. Colonel John Watervalley is a survivor, braving the horrors of the multiverse to collect many alternate versions of himself, to hopefully put an end to the never-ceasing war raging on his Earth. Straightforward.

When whole universes start being destroyed, realities are being eaten, it is up to John and his companions that are closer than brothers or sisters to prevent existence itself from crumbling into nothingness.

If only they knew why.

Buy this book today and learn how in a vast and uncaring multiverse, truly the only person you can trust, is yourself.

A personal message from the author:

Writing this satisfied a need in me to understand exactly what a simple change of circumstances would have had on my life. It also helped to indulge some unusual concepts in settings where they would be perfectly plausible – exploration is always a good choice.

— Sean Heslin

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