How many types of PITS can you think of? 

A personal message from the author:

I needed a creative outlet the last few months as a way to deal with life changes due to COVID-19. I always wanted to write a children's book, so in my free time, I explored the process of self publishing – and produced PITS! It was important to me that it have fun text and great pictures. The essential items my boys enjoyed most when I read to them as young children. Mission accomplished with the help of Richard Cardona, illustrator and Fotini DeZutti, collaborator.

— Jennine Rexon

In this debut children’s picture book by Jennine Rexon, readers journey through rhythmic text and artfully designed images to learn more about the word “pits” and its many variations. The clever introduction of multiple vocabulary words draws in young readers while contextual images provide clues to their meaning. Adults can easily use the pictures on the pages to extend the story into personalized adventures. Although this book was imagined for children 8 and under, it’s concept and originality entertains all that read it.