Stories, prayers, scriptures and thoughts God has been waiting Your entire life to share with you

Collectively, we attempt to write and develop material to simply communicate the love, mercy and clarity that a personal and intimate relationship with God that only He can provide. We hope to convey the reasonableness of the Christian faith and how that faith can be experienced in a practical application and on a daily basis. The journey to that loving relationship with God that begins with the simple first step of prayer.

The messages we try to convey are scriptural in basis, told in short-story form, supported with short and simple prayer. Some have said that Jesus was the greatest-story teller in how he used ‘parable' to demonstrate His message. As Jesus taught His disciples by both example and by story (‘parable'), we hope to convey His message of hope in short-story form to make it easier to learn and understand how life in this existence on earth gains greater meaning once we have developed a consciousness in Christ that is guided and strengthened with the filling of The Holy Spirit.

The topics of conversations you can have with God are truly endless. In this audiobook, you will discover you can speak with God on healing, understanding conversation and prayer, forgiveness, extending grace, loving others, thankfulness, giving, motherhood, father hood and father god, finding peace and so much more.

This wonderful opportunity to gain peace, comfort, understanding and solace in the sometimes dark and trying times of this life we live on earth, begins simply with your first heart-felt and humble prayer to God.

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