An Uplifting Collage of Words

Po'Hymns is a play on the word Poem, which by definition is described as a combination of both speech and song with a rhythmic flow. Moreover, Poor (po) is the lack of sufficient money to live at a comfortable standard set by society while hymns are referred as a poem of praise to God. I had over a decade of inspiration from life ups and downs that helped me reflect on the lessons of joy that come from failures, the victory on the other side of fear, and the abundance from obedience to God's will in any given season.

These Po’Hymns has helped to me to release the social stigma of poverty and self-worth to redefine my own sense of worth in a social, personal, and economic sense. My hope for you, the reader, is that you will find you own reason to change the thing you can no longer accept rather it be about yourself or the things crippling our communities.

Happy reading and happy transforming!


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