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The metaphor of “Third Eye” came from the Tibetan Buddhism. It refers to sensing the non-material world, energy (aura) that surrounds people, understanding feelings that never been spoken to anyone.

Third eye is not part of the body – however ancient illustrations put this “extra” sensor on the forehead, and many studies reported that it is connected to “Pineal Gland”, which is inside of the brain – that is why it is impossible to open it with any physical pressures or brain sound.

The third eye is not something you can just “open”, it is more likely the state of your mind (not your brain). It works like your ears, you hear sounds all day, but it is your choice to listen and understand them. If you do not focus, do not pay attention on voices that somebody said to you, you won't understand the information.

Everybody has the ability to “listen” others with the third eye, but we are in physical body and we forget to use it everyday. In your childhood you understood your mother's feelings without any words. You used exactly your third eye. You still have the ability to use it in everyday life, it is only matter of exercise.

By listening with your third eye you are breaking down your limits, you will be simply limitless. You can choose the way that is most comfortable for you, either meditation, or just sitting in the nature, praying or just listening without saying anything. Pacify your ego, accept you are more than your body and brain.


Signs you are using your third eye


1. When you notice other's state of mind and you feel the same

2. When you notice the coincidences (synchronicity) around you

3. When you just connected the dots

4. When you “see” or “feel” feelings or energy around people

5. You hear other's thoughts

6. You feel yourself in a limitless state