A Mystery Thriller Experience

Interactive Mystery Adventure Book 1

The story you are about to read is not part of an ordinary book. Praeludium is something truly unique. We are the Sealed Book Project and we don’t write just books. We create extraordinary reading experiences.

In the middle of the twentieth century a representative of the two mightiest driving forces in society – the Church and Science – publicly announced that he had created something that had until then been considered unthinkable and impossible.

To the day he died this person never retracted his claim; moreover, many authoritative researchers in the field assert that this artifact does exist, even at this very moment, and is one of the most closely guarded secrets in human history. Where it is now and whether it has been used is anybody's guess …

The epic story offers one possible version of what might have happened and may even be happening right now in the world.

The amazing mystery story in Praeludium is the beginning of a ground-breaking thriller series, packed with suspense, puzzles, riddles, codes, strange symbols, custom piano music, sound effects, hand-drawn portraits, and many other beautiful surprises.

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