How to Transform Your Life by Improving Your Breathing Technique

This book is about the foundation of all yoga poses, i.e. the yoga breath. Yoga breath, technically called Pranayama is a deep breathing technique that helps calm your nerves. Along with stress relief, it provides so many additional benefits that you will learn about.

The phenomenal effects of this breathing technique make it the need of the hour today. With such chaotic lifestyles, we all need a magical solution for our mental and physical health issues. In addition to providing that, yoga breath also helps you connect with nature more profoundly.

Sundari Gibran leads you from breathing techniques for beginners to advanced forms of Pranayama and lays the foundation for all the benefits you will experience. The techniques will have positive effects on your mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional health.”Pranayama: The Yoga Breath” takes you to a serene, tranquil environment mentally. The feeling is extremely refreshing as compared to being trapped in a concrete jungle all the time. You may be in the middle of a chaotic workplace and yet feel like you’re visiting somewhere pleasant.


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