A highly emotional and evocative tragedy

Based on fact, a powerful and heart wrenching story of Ben and his father Jack, who have the strongest of bonds, but are torn apart by the most unconventional of choices.

Pride‘, puts you into the lives of Ben and Jack, their family, their work, their conflicts, and their highs and lows. But Jack is secretly facing problems of the severest kind. He is being subjected to the most ultimate challenge of all, and from the most ruthless opponent there is.

Dignity‘, Jack faces his adversary, knowing he cannot defeat it, but maybe he can stop his foe from gaining total and absolute victory. Will Ben help when his father's request tears him between his moral principles and his absolute love for his father? This amazing story will subject you to the extremes of emotion as you journey with these remarkable people in their lives and share their ultimate crisis.

You will get involved in the current international debate on one of the most thought provoking, topical issues as experienced by the characters. Pride & Dignity will provide you with the facts, you decide.

Alastair Neil’s ‘Pride & Dignity’ could just be the most tragic, contentious family drama to have been released in a decade. It’s two stories in one, following the business dealings of a doting father-and-son team who put integrity before profit, only to have their bonds tested to the limit when terminal illness strikes and assisted suicide strains everyone’s beliefs and morals. It’s a novel that looks at the wider assisted suicide movement, particularly from a standpoint of ethics and ideology. One critic wrote, “What a rollercoaster of emotions and very well written. Made me think what would I do in the same circumstances.”.

What would happen if your father was a man of class and integrity who, after falling ill and facing his own death, decided to travel to Switzerland for the ultimate self-deliverance? Could you provide unreserved support? Would it go against the morals you hold so near and dear? For the son in Alastair Neil’s new book, it’s a decision he must make today.

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