I am a speech language pathologist with 10 years of experience and a 250-hour certified yoga instructor.

This book presents a creative way to help you tackle your child's pronunciation of the ‘s' words. S is a sound that should be developed by the age of 5 years old. During a child's development, it is common to have difficulty with the production of S. Due to the pandemic, access to resources, like speech therapists have been difficult. This is why I created something to help you tackle the S sound. The target age range for the book is 4-7 years old.

It is also applicable for teachers, caregivers and those in the education field. I incorporated some comprehension questions, expressive language prompts, mindfulness and a quick breathing exercise into this story. It is meant to be fun, interactive and informative.

I hope you and your little one enjoy this story about the celebration of diversity and inclusion as Puffin and the forest creatures come together to save the princess.

With Love and Light!

Gina Britt M.Ed. CCC-SLP

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