The Story Of Light and Dark

A personal message from the author:

Ever since the dawn of my existence, my world was filled with books. Today, I have written this book as a return gift to the beautiful community and solace they had found within reading throughout their lives. This book holds a very special place in my consciousness and is a huge part of their lives. They send their special appreciation for each reader and hope they find solace from within while reading!

— Wajiha Abbasi

Akana is a lowly desert nomad, while Sidastir Den Raffiben is the Elven king Eiter Kingdom. Eiter, a once full of life kingdom is now, nothing but the ghost of its past. The story begins with a marriage contract between two people; one who cannot feel cold, and the other is an Ice mage. They say it's pure fate. Together they set out on their path to Virtus Scolaris, the most prestigious institution in all of the Nine Kingdoms.

Slowly throughout their time there, the couple nurtures an unbreakable bond. Akana is far from welcomed at the school. He was considered barbaric and should not move among the civilized races of the Nine Kingdoms. However, everything changes when Akana loses his way back to his chambers and stumbles across an empty cold alley. The situation becomes toxic when a violent incident reveals Akana's hidden abilities and brings light to his people's darkest secret.

A story in a world where monsters walk amongst humans, the truth is rarely pure and never simple, and to face the truth raw is to face the ugliness of our being. In a world where the price for love is losing your own existence, where you stand one moment away from flipping the switch, what would you choose?

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