In most of the time we just want to be conscious.

Consciousness means experiencing and understanding things as they are, in the now. When you are conscious you understand broader truth of life. Consciousness requires attention, accepting experience as it is, without prejudice, but it is not consciousness itself, because there should be a ‘ghost in the shell‘ and you are the ghost, the observer.
Lot of people during the day worries about tomorrow, what will happen in the future, they are definitely not conscious what happening to them just in the now.
If we are conscious beings…
  • Why we hurt the ones we love?
  • Why we work as much that makes us sick?
  • Why we feel sometimes that nothing happened on this week?
  • Why we live in the past of future rather than now?
Would you like to be conscious?
  1. Be in the now
  2. Listen
  3. Experience everything on your own, do not accept what others say
  4. Love, run, achieve your deepest intentions
Life is really happy, when you are awake.