Rebecca Yarros is a name that resonates well within the romantic literature community. A self-proclaimed hopeless romantic and coffee addict, Yarros' ability to delve into the complex emotions surrounding love, loss, and redemption has made her a cherished author among readers.

With a pen that effortlessly dances across multiple genres, her narrative is a heartfelt journey that often leaves readers introspective long after the last page is turned. As a second-generation army brat, her affection towards military heroes is palpable in her work, creating a unique blend of romantic narrative intertwined with the valor of service.

What Are The Top Rebecca Yarros Books?

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Iron Flame (The Empyrean Book 2), by Rebecca Yarros (2023)

Violet Sorrengail defied expectations by surviving her first year at Basgiath War College, a year designed to eliminate the weak and unworthy. However, the upcoming training promises to be even more challenging, with a vice commandant who's out to personally break her spirit, unless she betrays the one she loves.

Despite her physical disadvantages, Violet's intelligence and indomitable will have proven to be her strongest assets, reminding everyone that dragon riders create their own destinies. Yet, as she uncovers ancient secrets of the War College, she realizes that sheer determination might not be enough this time, with the stakes being higher than ever before.

The second book in the The Empyrean series truly lived up to the expectations set by the first. While it's always challenging for sequels to match the brilliance of their predecessors, this one comes incredibly close. The depth of character development, particularly for Violet, and the intricate weaving of the plot made for a riveting read. The unveiling of ancient secrets added layers of complexity, making the narrative even more compelling.

In the Likely Event, by Rebecca Yarros (2023)

Izzy Astor's routine holiday flight turns extraordinary when she meets her captivating seatmate, Nate Phelan, with whom she feels an instant connection. However, their journey takes a terrifying turn when just ninety seconds post-takeoff, their plane crashes into the Missouri River. This life-altering event sends them on different paths: Nate joins the military, and Izzy ventures into politics.

Their lives intermittently cross, but timing always proves a barrier. It's only during a perilous assignment in Afghanistan, with Nate responsible for Izzy's safety, that their bond is truly tested, rekindling the spark and presenting an opportunity for love.

The book offers a seamless dual narrative that switches between past and present timelines, detailing the evolving relationship between Izzy and Nate. It is marked by moments of tension, and presents the characters' imperfections, making them more authentic.

Fourth Wing (The Empyrean Book 1), by Rebecca Yarros (2023)

In the cutthroat environment of Basgiath War College, young Violet Sorrengail finds herself thrown into the challenge of becoming a dragon rider, a role far removed from her intended life in the Scribe Quadrant. Originally destined for a peaceful existence among books, she's now ordered by her stern general mother to compete with other candidates, many of whom would readily eliminate her for their own advantage or simply due to her maternal lineage.

As a smaller and fragile candidate, Violet faces greater risks, especially since dragons usually incinerate those they deem fragile. Amidst the internal competition, she also grapples with external threats: a burgeoning war, a kingdom's weakening defenses, and a mounting death count.

As each day unfolds, Violet senses a disturbing secret lurking within the leadership. In this perilous world, alliances shift unpredictably, and survival means constant vigilance. There are only two outcomes at Basgiath: graduation or death.

Rebecca Yarros' Fourth Wing is every bit as thrilling as you've heard. It offers readers a rich tapestry of action, enchantment, and romance that is simply unputdownable. However, it's best suited for mature readers, given its liberal use of profanities. The protagonist, Violet, is an intriguing character I quickly grew attached to. Despite her physical vulnerabilities, arising from past health issues, she's thrust into a challenging path instead of her preferred vocation as a scribe.

This book is a riveting blend of magical lore, political intrigue, and deep-rooted romance.

Reason To Believe, by Rebecca Yarros (2022)

When a pre-k student and his younger brother need an urgent foster placement, the teacher is determined to prevent them from being separated. With her apartment out of commission due to flooding, she has no choice but to turn to Knox Daniels, her older brother's best friend, for shelter. Knox, set to return to their hometown the next month to help rebuild their fathers' fallen firefighter crew, readily offers his vacant new home. Although the teacher has had unspoken feelings for Knox since childhood and fears that her emotions might jeopardize his friendship with her brother and the crew's future, she believes she'll leave before he returns. However, Knox surprises her by arriving a month ahead of schedule. In a twist, he proposes they pretend to be in a relationship to ensure the brothers aren’t separated by the system. Now, every emotion and secret matters.

With the backdrop of a town reeling from the loss of its iconic firefighter crew, past emotions and unexpected events make for a complicated situation. The teacher's deep-seated love for Knox, their shared history, and his sudden proposal intensify the stakes. Their attempt to keep the siblings together threatens to unearth buried feelings and relationships.

The Things We Leave Unfinished, by Rebecca Yarros (2021)

The narrative of The Things We Leave Unfinished is a poignant exploration of love transcending time. Yarros intricately weaves the past with the present, drawing a parallel between two love stories set decades apart. The unique point of this story is its ability to traverse time, yet maintain a coherent emotional thread that binds the characters across generations.

In this narrative, Yarros delicately unveils the vulnerabilities of her characters, making the reader privy to their deepest fears and desires. The storytelling is rich and evocative, painting a vivid picture of enduring love amidst the trials of time. The juxtaposition of past and present love stories provides a unique perspective on the timeless essence of love and the sacrifices it entails.

The Last Letter, by Rebecca Yarros (2019)

The Last Letter is a heart-wrenching tale of love blossoming amidst grief and loss. Yarros skillfully navigates the turbulent waters of emotions as her characters find solace and love in each other after a shared tragedy. The strong point of this story is its raw emotional intensity, coupled with a realistic depiction of healing and hope.

The narrative unfolds with a gentle grace, allowing the reader to walk alongside the characters as they journey through the stages of grief, eventually finding a sliver of hope in each other's company. The tender love story that unfolds is a testament to Yarros' ability to portray love as a beacon of hope amidst despair, showcasing her mastery in exploring human emotions.

Beyond What is Given (Flight & Glory Book 3), by Rebecca Yarros (2015)

The story was a masterfully crafted whirlwind of emotions, evoking tears and striking deep chords within me. I've appreciated every installment of Yarros's Flight and Glory series, but Grayson and Sam's tale gripped my heart uniquely from the beginning. Grayson Masters, for me, stood out as the ultimate flyboy of the series. His blend of rugged looks, brooding demeanor, and unexpected tenderness coupled with his chivalry made him utterly irresistible.

The weight of his burdens, showcased by his selfless nature and unwavering nobility, tore at my heartstrings. Witnessing his struggles and heartaches, I felt an overwhelming sense of injustice for his plight and was profoundly moved by his story.

Eyes Turned Skyward (Flight & Glory Book 2), by Rebecca Yarros (2014)

Twenty-year-old Paisley Donovan is determined to complete her Bucket List, despite sharing a heart condition with her late sister. Her life takes an exhilarating turn when Jagger Bateman saves her from a near-drowning incident, igniting an intense connection between them.

However, complications arise as Paisley is the daughter of the commanding general and is dating Jagger's greatest rival at the country's most challenging flight school. Torn between her heart's desires and the potential risks, Paisley faces a difficult choice, knowing that one wrong move could lead to dire consequences.

Paisley, living with her late sister's heart condition, is drawn to Jagger, a daring pilot, despite being involved with his flight school rival and being the daughter of his commanding officer.

Full Measures (Flight & Glory Book 1), by Rebecca Yarros (2014)

Ember Howard, raised for twenty years as an army brat, is confronted with the devastating reality of her father's death when soldiers appear at her door. With her mother unraveling, the responsibility of holding the family together falls squarely on Ember's shoulders. Just as things seem insurmountable, Josh Walker, a hockey star and her new next-door neighbor, steps into her life. His presence becomes a balm to her pain, offering comfort with just a glance or touch.

Their connection is undeniable, but a secret Josh harbors threatens to shatter their newfound bond. Ember is faced with a difficult decision: determine if the love they share is worth the potential heartbreak that could come from Josh's hidden truth.

As a reader, I was deeply moved, shedding genuine tears, and left in awe of its raw beauty. The depiction of military service, sacrifice, and grief resonated profoundly. I found Ember's character especially relatable, with her selflessness and commitment to her family. Josh Walker, with his perfect blend of a bad boy image and a heart of gold, is a character that is bound to steal readers' hearts.

This is a book that will make you smile and cry, but every emotion it evokes is worth it. I strongly urge everyone to read this masterpiece and share their thoughts on it.

Inspiring Quotes From Rebecca Yarros Books

You look all frail and breakable, but you're really a violent little thing, aren't you?

―Rebecca Yarros, Fourth Wing

“…grief had no mercy, time limit, or expiration date.”

―Rebecca Yarros, Full Measures

We can either breathe through the pain or we can let it shape us.

―Rebecca Yarros, The Last Letter

Final Thoughts on the best Rebecca Yarros Books

The literary world of Rebecca Yarros is a tender exploration of love in its many forms. Her narratives are profound, often leaving a lasting impression on readers. The books listed above are some of her best-rated works, each telling a unique tale of love, loss, and hope.

Yarros' ability to create relatable characters coupled with her emotive storytelling makes her one of the distinguished authors in contemporary romantic literature. The journey through her books is not just a read, but an experience, that resonates with the heart long after.

Her nuanced exploration of human emotions, against the backdrop of real and raw scenarios, makes each book a treasure for readers seeking a deep emotional connection.

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