Trapped on an Alien version of our Own Universe

Eighteen-year-old Sammy O’Donnel has always been in the wrong place at the wrong time. This misfortune put a hideous scar on his face and led him to witness his girlfriend’s betrayal, but one split second decision finally puts him in the right place. He stumbles across a mysterious bar that doesn’t belong in his neighborhood. Sammy finds that the patrons in this bar all fit very specific criteria, and only those that fulfill it can even enter – including Sammy.
When Sammy gets the opportunity to dictate the time-hopping bar’s next stop, he decides to visit a dark future. With an ancient patron from the bar as his guide, Sammy visits an alternate future to the reality he’s known his whole life. However, things quickly turn south when they’re attacked by horrible creatures, and the bar is no sight.
Can Sammy and his new friend survive until the bar resurfaces?


Read online Reincarnated in an Alien's Body by Maurice London Rogers