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I can give only spiritual answer on this question, because you cannot prove reincarnation with physical facts. There are certain studies on this matter, where professors tries to recall past life memories and stories, with quite a good succes. Read my previous short article on this matter.

377951065_7a5fbae076_oOk, now we are not certain about reincarnation, let our imagination soar.

We are in between two lives with light body, in the sphere of friends and relatives. We are all souls without body. We experience almost everything simultaneously, we have not got the barriers of time and space. We understand the physical world as it is and we appreciate our friends who are just living on earth, in such a limited life.

We would like to help them to understand that their life is wonderful, and nothing to doubt about everyday problems, they are doing a “very good job” anyway. We would like to tell them the truth about everything, but we respect their life to let them experience it as they do, so we just help them with synchronicity and coincidences that may lead them to the way they are already chosen in their heart.

In the “life” of a soul, there are many decisions that should be made, which are done much more consciously than during any of our past earth life, because we have much wider perspective of understanding. We may choose our next experiences, maybe a next life on earth or in any other physical or non physical realms in the galaxy, we have unlimited time (because there is actually no time) to choose a direction. Our mind or consciousness is much more creative, than on earth and we will have unlimited possibility. We would be grateful for everything that is around us.

Do you ever imagined to communicate anyone without words and lies? That is exactly that happening between souls. They are the most honest beings that anyone could be, and you think they have not enough fun, they are the biggest party faces. Everything is imagination and creation, without physical limits what you imagine turns into life almost instantly. On earth  works the same, you imagine (wish) something, and it turns into life, but it takes some time, as a plant grows out from the ground, to have flowers.

Sometimes when I am not certain about afterlife, and I read a lot of controversial idea. I just ask myself what is the truth? And the answer is always the same, we are much more than just bodies and thoughts, we are eternal souls filled with love and wish to create fascinating things.

Could we have more than one life? Why not? 🙂