She should have never been on that road the night he lost everything. Now, can she help his family heal from the tragic loss without revealing the part she played?

After a successful heart operation, Kailynn Richardson has a new lease on life, but the guilt and shame she feels about a fatal car accident shadow her happiness.

Rod Webster lost the love of his life on a treacherous, wintry road. Now, he and his two children are distant, lost and alone in their grief.

When Kailynn answers an ad for employment at Rod's bookstore, she thinks she has found a way to help the family without exposing her role in the accident. But when Kailynn and Rod begin to have feelings toward each other, someone begins leaving mysterious messages.

Someone doesn't want Rod to move on, and someone knows Kailynn's secret. Can the couple find healing and grace for the future, or will they forever live in the shadows of regret?

Releasing Shadows, a Christian Inspirational Romance, is the debut novel from West Virginia Poet and Storyteller Shirley Hedrick Williams.


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