“The power makes us egoistic and greedy”, “One thing is better than power, more power”
Most of us heard more or less the same quotes, and in every conscientious people initiates bad feelings, we know that these statements are not enough good for us people, the world should not work like this. This short story would like understand why the globe (in 2014) works according to these rules.

Holders of the power2012 world power
One of the most important question is, where the power is located? Mre entities could be differentiated based on how they use or what ligitimates their power:

  • Governments (USA, China)
  • Multinational companies (HSBC, Barclays)
  • Churches (Catholic)
  • Individuals (Bill Gates)

(The table contains a detailed analyses based on 2012 net value)

The current world order and behaviour is determined by the above holders of the power. For example if an IBC says to his employees that their work is more important than their human relationship with others, than this idea, concept starts to spread company wise, regardless whether is good or not. If a power holder starts to state, that people with higher salaries are better than the ones who are on lower salary, than these people starts to distinguish each other based on the salary. The spoken words have strong impact therefore, the power holders have great responsibility depending on their goals.

Goal and tools of the power holders

  • Cretaion (New product, service, opportunity)
  • Modify situations, environment, policies (Donations to poor people)
  • Maintaining rules (National laws, state of the art rules)
  • Influence, and spreading information (Campaigns)

Behind the goals of the power holders, there is always an individual intention, either we are speaking about a person or a goverment, or a company, always an individual formulates a statement, an intention, that empowers the events to fulfill the original intention. We can either think about the great emperors in the past, they were able to change a tons of people life. It is important that in every case the intention was formulated and it was spoken to many, and was available through the public awareness.

Why we are eager to improve our power?
We would like to have as many possibilities, to fulfil our intentions as complete as we can. For example if somebody wants to have a holiday, than it is not the same if somebody goes to next forest for a day, or to the Hawaiian Islands for two weeks. We feel great difference in quality between the two options (However experience could be much whole even in the first case, but it is another story).
A lot of people feels that power helps them to extend their hands: they can implement more things and expand their boundaries.

Many says theat power in not good or bad itself (it is true), the goal that we want to achieve or how we acquire the power could be determine the quality of the whole story. The intention is important.

Lack of the inner information of the money
One of the most important tool of the power is money, which is the exchange of the values, more value we exchange to money, the more money we will receive. The homogeneity of the money resulted that the money after a while did not reflected the value that it exchanged. It would be interesting if a salesman would ask us what represents the sum, that we want to give for the apple we want to buy, we could reply for this that it represents five minutes of web developing work. The money have not got the information, to symbolize the exchanged value, it is also a main problem in case of complex package of securities, we do not know what is in the other arm of the balance.

What if money does not matter anymore?porscheorferrari
This is the situation when we can not spend as much money, that it would not come back in short period of time. It is the situation when the price of a Porsche or Ferrari appears in our bank account within one or two hours, and our basic needs of our life could be fulfilled in high quality. In this situation for rich individual it is a great challenge  to define the different goals of his wealth. Probaly the following goals could be identified:

  • Charity (10-20% of the total wealth)
  • Invest in high value properties and areas (Pyramid building effect) or premium things (40-60%)
  • New projects, companies, starting new goals (20-30%)
  • Maintenance and improvement of current projects, products and companies (20-30%)
  • Life & Entertainment (5-15%)
  • Amount increase on the bank account (lass than 5%)

All the above categories could be a good in a sense that it could start a lot of opportunities not only for the power holder, but for others. However the owner of the intention could not focus on so many things, within the above categories maximum one or two things. Engrossed work give the happiness, if a goal realized, it feels that it is your work, you success. This feeling does not emerges if somebody else achives the goal, even if he or she is a good friend. In order to experience the charity you need to go among to people that you helped with money, this is the only way you can feel the ‘why'. If the power holder does not engross in the implementation of one task, he or she suddenly will feel, that neither of the successes feel as its own. Many of the good power holders recognize this and they let power to one, who deserved it – this is why governments have several specializations, and several expert leader. From this point the power holder's own intention disappears, and a new intention appears. Every intention is honest, for example if somebody wants to only fit to others expactations, than to original intention would be weakened, and would not achive the original goal.
There are many examples, when a new CEO came to a company and rebuilt it from the catch, but the new company does not reflected the original power holders intention. The new company became successful, but it was not the old one.

How could we spread our intention to others?
Personal intentions could not be or hard to hand over, it does not help that others accepts our intentions, but they need to endorse them from real heard. Today's most successful products are those, that are based on an exact vision, that are based on values. In the great wars, not the orders were those that mobilized people, but the great conceptions, and beliefs, people thought that these concepts are in much higher level, than their lives.