Jordan Zesker is one of only five descendants linked to “The Ring.” She thinks the 1920s are tough, but family debt and speakeasy blues will soon seem insignificant. Her blood type, a bona fide blessing and a curse, has placed her in the sights of TEMPUS. Shadowy forces have long worked to weaponize the chosen few endowed with the gift to transcend time and space… and absolutely nowhere is safe.

When Jacob appears out of the blue, bearing news too strange to believe, a staggering decision must be made: will Jordan cling to her desolate life or trust this stranger and help assemble an intergenerational team to somehow save humanity?

Accessing the Fold, an extradimensional passageway through time, Jordan must race to find her fated kin across the ages. Rocco in 1956. Paul in 1973. Steffi in 1984. Carissa in 2015. Each will prove essential in the battle for humankind's future—and past.

Should diabolic entities succeed in overtaking the Fold, it won't just mean the end of Jordan's kind but all things good.

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