Ancient Solutions to Modern Day Life

A personal message from the author:

This book is focused on the Rune's ability to connect us to the Norse gods and goddesses and the forgotten wisdom of our ancestors. Using the Runes as a spiritual path and a means of healing and maintaining good health in mental, emotional, physical and metaphysical contexts.

The heart of this book is a true detailed case study, written in her own words, of a woman's use of the runes in her fight against cancer and survives, living happily and without pain for approximately 6 years beyond all expectations of her doctors.

— David Frank

In modern life many dismiss ancient knowledge such as the runes as nonsense and superstition. Their use and value in divination and magic is well known, but what about another aspect of the magic inherent in these ancient symbols, healing?

Within these pages, authors David and Bernard Frank explain the meanings of the runes, and explore their use in healing and meditation. David and Bernard help guide you to build your own spiritual connection to the Norse gods and goddesses, and include a true-life case study of the runes being used for healing, in a woman's fight against cancer.

The runes are an ancient marvel, and are more than simply the alphabet of a long-gone culture. Runes: The Secret Healer is focused upon the use of runes as a means of healing and maintaining good health in mental, emotional, physical, and metaphysical contexts.


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