Books Connected to Russia-Ukraine War

Between Two Fires: Truth, Ambition, and Compromise in Putin's Russia, by Joshua Yaffa (2021)

This book is directly connected to the reasons of the Russia-Ukraine war. Ukraine is a country which was an important part of the Soviet machine. This book indeed tries to give an in depth analysis, about the motivation of Putin.

We can read about moral decisions, examples of people working in the field of news, charities, the arts, religion. The author also describes the military aggression towards Crimea and Ukraine.

Although this book examines the causes and evolution of individuals struggling to realize their potential without compromising their integrity in contemporary Russia. This book is equally useful for those confronting the concentration of power in the hands of a few in their own society.

The Gates of Europe, Serhii Plokhy (2021)

As Ukraine is involved in an ongoing struggle with Russia to preserve its territorial integrity and political independence, Plokhy suggests that today’s crisis is a case of history repeating itself: the Ukrainian conflict IS merely The Latest on the long list of turmoil over Ukraine’s sovereignty. Situated between Europe and Asia, Ukraine has been shaped by empires that exploited the nations as a strategic gateway between East and West.

From the Roman Empire to the Third Reich to the Soviet Union. In this piece by Plokhy, you can learn about Ukraine’s fight for honor throughout our Nation’s history from it's heroes & conquerors alike!

Ukraine and Russia: From Civilied Divorce to Uncivil War, by Paul D'Anieri (2019)

The author was the very first foreign diplomat to relate the structure of the Ukrainian conflict, especially between the East and the West, to the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Starting with 1991, the revolution in Ukraine came to be called ‘a new Cold War.'

The author argues that there is a huge difference in thinking between Putin's Russia and Ukraine, which caused a lot of conflicts in the past and ultimately resulted an open war between the two countries in 2022.

The book also provides a broader context for studying the Ukraine-Russia conflict and shall therefore appeal to researchers working on international conflict more broadly, Russia's relations with the West, and the Russia-Ukraine war in particular.

The Border, Erika Fatland (2022)

The acclaimed author of Sovietistan travels along the seemingly endless Russian border. He shows that the Russian state is far weaker than it appears and that its control over the population is tenuous at best.

An astute and brilliant combination of lyric travel writing and modern history, The Border is a book about Russia without its author ever entering Russia itself.  Fatland gets to the heart of what it has meant to be the neighbor of that mighty, expanding empire throughout history. As we follow Fatland on her journey, we experience the colorful, exciting, tragic and often unbelievable histories of these bordering nations along with their cultures, their people, their landscapes.

Putin’s People, by Catherine Belton (2020)

The book is about how Russia's history and politics evokes. The rebuilding of Russian economy, Vladimir Putin's ascent to power, and how the country spread it's influence among the post soviet and near countries.

Belton shares the background of how Putin's team took over the economy, saw to it that private businesses were seized. He took billions of dollars from both parties, blurred the lines between organized crime and political power. Putin managed to lay waste to their opponents, and utilized their wealth and power to spread his influence to the West.

War with Russia?, by Stephen F. Cohen (2018)

The author tells a story that opposes accepted accounts of the more troubling new Cold War. Putin is believed to have played a significant part in it. The 2014 Ukrainian crisis was called the initial result of Donald Trump's election.

Cohen's controversial views have made him, and it is said, America's most discussed Russia expert. Some see him as a thorn in the side of the US, and others applaud him as a visionary who has been precise in his criticisms of the numerous dangers the American system has created.

The War with Russia? book affords readers the chance to judge their arguments. Are Cohen's thoughts correct? Are we plagued by unprecedented domestic and international threats?

The Russian Ukraine War Key Events

February 24, 2022 is a sad day for all of us. Russia attacked Ukraine.


  • 3,500,000+ refugees left Ukraine (among the main destinations is Poland, Romania, Moldova, Hungary and Slovakia)
  • The Russian army is still intent to enclose the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv
  • Ukrainian defenders in Mariupol do not lay down their arms
  • The European Union is considering joining the Russian oil embargo imposed by the United States


  • 2,000,000+ refugees left Ukraine
  • Several countries and companies decided to stop buying Russian oil and gas including Shell and US


  • More than 1,500,000 Ukraine people left the country
  • Economical sanctions to date
    • Russian banks have been cut off from SWIFT
    • Several financial companies blocked their services including Wise, Revolut
    • VISA and Mastercard suspended their Russian operations
    • Google and Bing suspended advertising in Russia
    • High profile Russian oligarchs' European property have been seized, including French castles
    • Russian Central Bank's reserves have been seized

Russia-Ukraine war by the numbers: Live Tracker | Infographic News | Al  Jazeera


  • Russian army occupied Europe's biggest nuclear power plant Zaporizhzhia
  • Russia and Ukraine agreed to set up evacuation corridors for civilians, which doesn't take effect since the Russian army continued to open gunfire to refugees (“The whole family…mother, father and 2 child…died. Trying to escape from the war…” photo source)



  • Russian army attacked radio and TV dispatches, internet network in Ukraine to block the news source of Ukraine people


  • Intense air strikes in Kharkiv
  • A 64 km long Russian military convoy approaching to Kyiv
  • Russian Sperbank requests credit institution
  • Zelensky urges the European Union to make concrete steps towards the admission of Ukraine to the EU, ha said “Prove you are with us”
  • Bomb hit for Ohtirka army base, 70 Ukrainian soldiers killed
  • More than 660,000 Ukrainians leaved the country sofar
  • Russia trying to stop the news of what’s happening in Ukraine from spreading by hitting the TV tower in Kyiv



  • The two delegates met at 10 am (CET) near to the Belarus border, Zelensky claims that Russian forces need to leave the country before the negotiations, the negotiation ended with no resulution
  • Ruble is under extreme pressure (USD/RUB is at 101)
  • Putin puts his nuclear arsenal on ‘alert'
  • Viktor Liashko said that 354 Ukrainians had been killed (both soldiers and civilians) and more than 1,000 wounded so far
  • Zelensky requests admission to the European Union by special procedure

Megérkezett Zelenszkij delegációja az ukrán-orosz tárgyalások helyszínére


  • Russian banks will be cut off from SWIFT system
  • Kyiv is still standing and controlled by Ukraine troops, hence it's under heavy siege
  • Russian troops managed to enter to Kharkiv
  • Russian army bombed an oil facility in Vasylkiv, near Kyiv



  • More than 18.000 guns have been distributed among Ukraine people
  • Kyiv is plced under curfew which will take affect after 5pm
  • Zelenszkij would negotiate with Putin about ceasefire
  • In Kyiv a shortage of goods appeared, especially bread


  • Ukraine men aged between 18-60 aren't allowed to leave the country, they are already received or will receive a call to army from the Ukraine authorities
  • A lot of volunteers apply to get fire arms (see image below)
  • Russian started the siege of the capital city, Kyiv
  • 137 people (civilians and soldiers) have been killed
  • UN estimates that more than 100,000 people have already leaved their homes
  • Hacking collective Anonymous declares ‘Cyber War' against Russian Government, they already taken down RT news, the Russian propaganda station
  • Thousands of people went underground to Kyiv's subway stations


People gather at a metro station as they seek shelter from expected Russian air strikes, in Kyiv


  • There were a lot of explosions in Ukraine (see map)
  • The Russian military forces started a full scale invasion
  • Russia targeted military installations and military airports in Ukraine, according to Politico more than 80 strikes were performed. The Guardian reported that more than 203 attacks were performed by the Russian army countrywide
  • Russia occupied Chernobyl, north from the capital city of Kyiv
  • At least 57 people had been killed (10 civil) and 169 wounded during the invasion, Health Minister Oleh Lyashko reported



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