A Moscow Mom's Everyday Struggle For A Better Life

A personal message from the author:

With a great interest to the Russian culture, there are many books about Russian spies, criminals, oligarchs, mafia and no any about normal people and everyday life of the modern Russian people. I want to change it.

We also saying in Russia: Moscow is not Russia – it's a totally different country. Readers of my book will have a chance to see the real Russia and even real Moscow from the critical point of view of the Siberian person who moved to Moscow (it was the hardest relocation ever – not even close to relocation to Australia to to US).

I was working as a lawyer in Russia (Moscow and Krasnoyarsk) as a working mom with toddler and I show my life through funny stories and strange Russian customs and traditions.

— Elena Bobkova

This interesting biography details the day-to-day life of a Russian Lawyer turned Australian immigrant.

Elena Bobkova chronicles a year in her life as a Russian lawyer. Complete with the struggles of moving, starting over, and finding new jobs, she shows us that despite living in different parts of the world, we’re all not so different after all.
Her powerful testimonials shed light on the various reasons people leave Russia to start new lives in other parts of the world.
Filled with humor, this book will open your eyes to flaws in the Russian legal system, explain Russian customs you’ve never heard of, and recount curious traditions that’ll answer questions you didn’t know you possessed.

The conversational tone is easy to read and you’ll likely wind up reading long past bedtime. If you’re interested in real Russian culture, then this book won’t disappoint.


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